Nookies’ Story

From Humble Beginnings

Situated in the Heart of Chicago’s Old Town, Nookies Restaurant first opened its doors as “Nookies Snack Shop,” in 1973. Two co-workers, Spiros Alexopoulos, a recent immigrant from Greece, who used to work as a server in a Lincoln Park restaurant, and Ralph Fisher, a cook, joined forces to open what was to become one of Chicago’s favorite diners. The original snack shop was equipped with a deli and an ice cream parlor, and seated only a handful of patrons. Spiros and Ralph named it “Nookies” as in a breakfast nook, although the innuendos of the name where not lost on passersby and local patrons.

Hard work, dedication and long hours through endless work weeks allowed the pair to overcome their lack of capital and inexperience. Soon Nookies began gaining acclaim and notoriety. Lines began forming in front of the snack shop. Spiros was able to renovate and expand the restaurant to 100 seats, establishing Nookies on Wells, as it's known today. Nookies became the home of many Chicago politicians, actors, TV and radio personalities, and local artists, who would mingle with locals and out-oftown visitors to create a true Chicago original.

Growing and Expanding

In 1982, with the success of Nookies on Wells, Nookies Too opens in Lincoln Park. The restaurant is a hit from day one. It soon becomes a cornerstone of the Lincoln Park community and marks a period of growth both for the business, and for the family’s involvement with the restaurants. In 1985, Spiro’s two sons, Nick and Peter Alexopoulos decide that because the restaurant business was such a family affair and so connected with their lives; the three of them should join to open another location. Nookies Tree in Lakeview, becomes that restaurant, and with a revitalized menu and new ideas, that business soon becomes the flagship for the Nookies Restaurant Group.

Nookies Today

In 1992 Spiros retires, and Nick and Peter take over. Constantly challenging themselves to produce the best and most consistent quality comfort food, Nick and Peter continue to grow the business. Success breeds more success and the inception of a fourth restaurant takes shape. After a long wait, and extensive build out, Nookies Edgewater opened its doors in 2011. This restaurant takes the Nookies family in an exciting and new direction. Boasting a full bar, beautiful décor and large patio, Nookies Edgewater is a beautiful and welcomed addition to the Nookies lineage.

Fresh and Friendly since 1973, Nookies is committed to serving the highest quality and most delicious of comfort foods to Chicago.
From our family to yours, Eat, Live and Enjoy.